I occasionally use the Mass Pike to travel from Boston to Chestnut Hill and decided that an EZ Pass would be much more convenient than having to scrounge for the cash. Signed up - they sent me the transponder and I used it maybe 6-8 times over a 12 month period.

Then one day when I tried to use it, it flashed the yellow "call EZ Pass" - which I did - was told that it was because it was not permanently affixed to the dashboard. So I affixed it but it still flashed yellow - called again after a month and said I thought it was defective. Was discouraged by both CS reps both times from returning it as "they would just send it back after testing it if it wasn't defective". Then I noticed several charges on my credit card statement for over $70 bucks.

Called and found that they charged me a whole bunch of fees - apparently it was 'all my fault that the thing didn't work and I didn't notify them' - despite the fact that they had a record of both my calls to them. I spoke with a useless and rather rude supervisor (April) who kept repeating that I agreed to the terms and conditions and the fees were not refundable. obviously reading from a script. When I asked why I was never notified about this - you have my address - send me a letter saying I need to bring it in - I was told that the yelllow EZ pass caution light is my notification that it isn't working.

EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD THEM WHEN I CALLED AND THEY DISMISSED MY COMPLAINT. I'd smash the *** thing with a hammer but then they'd charge me some absurd fee.

So it's going back to ezpass. I'd rather wait in the long cash toll lines than deal with this horrible customer service and ripoffs again.

Review about: Ez Pass Toll.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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